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GSE Timing Wave Start Guidelines

General Guidelines

GSE Timing has adopted four main methods of managing wave starts during the COVID-19 pandemic. One is better suited for larger events, one is better suited for smaller events, one is designed specifically for medium and larger cross-country running, and the fourth is for smaller cross-country meets (dual meets and triangulars). While we are more than willing to work with event directors on a hybrid of these approaches, or other approaches altogether, we feel like these approaches are more likely to create accurate results with the least amount of management than variations on them might require.

GSE Timing does not assist in start line administration on race day. We will provide a visible clock if needed to assist in getting all participants started on time. We strongly encourage whoever is administering the start to have a back-up clock/wristwatch with running time. This is not needed for the chip start option.

Please note that these start methods are not limited to events where social distancing is expected but were designed with that in mind.

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Method IV: Chip Start for Small CC Meets

Small Cross-Country running events, like dual and triangular meets, can accommodate a little more flexibility than larger meets. In essense, we can lay a set of start mats down, have athletes line up socially distanced behind the mats and start a couple at a time after the gun goes off. In this case, there is no need to pre-determine any start order or start time. Their time will start as soon as they cross the mat at the starting line and finish as they cross the finish line.

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