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GSE Timing COVID-19 Accommodations

General Guidelines

The health and wellness of all those involved in events timed by GSE Timing is very important to us. This includes event management staff/volunteers, participants, spectators, and GSE staff. Below you will find the steps we take to help ensure the health and wellness of all involved.

PLEASE NOTE: The event is YOURS...NOT OURS! We will enthusiastically time any event that we are asked to time. We leave the adherance to health and safety mandates for the event committee to manage. We will adhere to any reasonable mandates by event management regarding health and safety precautions.

Regarding Masks

Our staff are equipped with masks and will wear them any time local or state guidelines encourage it. Beyond that, we will wear masks any time local event management asks us to do so. As well, GSE Timing staff may choose to do so on their own volition.

Live Streaming Finish Line Video To YouTube

We now have the ability to live stream our finish lines (road races. bike events, cross-country, Nordic Ski, and more) to YouTube. If you are not able to be at the finish line, for whatever reason, you can view it on our YouTube channel if the event director has chosen to make that option available.

Put it on the big screen at the clubhouse at the cross-country course or watch it at home or in your car if specators are not allowed.

Social Distancing/Crowd Size Guidelines
  • People should stay 6’ apart or more, including the start or other meeting/check-in times.
  • GSE Timing can provide wave starts if requested by event management.
  • Masks should be encouraged but are not required at this time.
  • Participants should be aware of others when passing each other on the course.
  • Water cups are acceptable for use at aid stations but should be spaced well apart on the table. The person or people filling them should wear masks and gloves, as should the people involved in clean-up.

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