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At GSE Timing, we have created quite a niche for ourselves in high school cross-country, timing 50+ meets per year ranging in size from the smaller events to the "Mega" meets (literally), and meets of all types...duals, triangulars, invitationals, and conference and section championships.

This page is designed to give you a glimpse in what we do for you, regardless of your role in the sport! Please feel free to contact us for more information about our services or to request a bid.

Something For Everyone:  Meet Directors | Coaches | Parents | Athletes | Fans

Cross-Country Running

Meet Directors

Competitive Pricing

We have crafted our cross-country meet pricing to provide us with the needed margins and yet keep our services affordable for meets of any size. Contact Us for a quote.

Customizeable Services

Arch or no arch? Splits or no splits? A la carte pricing. Or select our Gold or Silver plan. Photo back-up with finish line dvr or FinishLynx options and the best passive RFID timing technology on the market.  Bib chips only...nothing to turn back in afterwards.

Coach/Account Management

Coaches submit their line-ups via their GSE account... no need to select the race they are running...just tell us who is running. We prepare packets for each team with labeled bibs and enough pins to go around. Print Meet Sheets ready for manager use, track your athlete's performance history, add team staff, and much more.

Low Impact

Just show us where the finish line is and we will set up from there. Only one volunteer needed, We supply our own power.

A Memorable Experience

Pictures go online within 24 hours-ish. Kids/coaches/parents can find athlete images ASAP via bib search, facial recognition, or just scroll until you find it. Minimal fee for download.

Awards On Demand

Using our near-real time awards display, you can show as many teams and individuals as you need when handing out awards. Renders beautifully on your phone. Find an example here. Just select the race you are looking for results for, and how many team and individual places you need to see.

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