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GSE Timing: Timers Wanted

At GSE Timing we are always looking for good timers! With us, race timing is a well paying "niche" job that provides flexibility and is ideal for college students, stay-at-home parents, active retirees and others. Having a background in an active lifestyle and a modest level of comfort around technology is helpful. The ability to pull a timing trailer is a must.

At GSE, you can choose the events you want to work based on location, event type, time-of-day, and days of the week. And the pay is great! Compensation is per event but, if it were figured hourly, it's not unusual for it to calculate north of $30/hour.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, give us a call 612-720-8427 or submit a contact form. There is absolutely no obligation to inquire!

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