The Mission of GSE Timing

To Enhance The Experience Of Athletes, Coaches, And Families Via Technology-Driven Results Services.

Cross-Country Meet Management with GSE Timing...A Relationship-Driven Approach

CC Finish Line

We realize that not every high school cross-country meet has the same needs. Our goal is to bring affordable electronic meet management to any meet that wants it and, at the same time, provide a very compeititive menu of services.

GSE v Third Party Team & Meet Managers

There are some very good third party utilities out there. Mile Split and come to mind. They definitely serve a purpose and do what they do very well. We offer many of the same or similar services with our in-house product and we get better every year.

Our goal is to be as good as we can be at what we do and make sure that our service offerings are as accuirate, timely, and user friendly as any other. There are two things you can always expect from GSE Timing:

  1. We will be better every year.
  2. We strive to make our product as efficient, informative, and easy to use as any other.

One thing that we do that I think is unique is that we provide an opportunity for athletes, parents, family, and friends to get an individual's results via text or email within seconds of finishing. To do this, create an account at

We started our journey before many of these entities got any kind of foothold and we just don't want to kick ourselves to the curb. If we get "left behind", then we will quietly go into that dark night. But it would be a shame in a sport as individual as cross-country running is to see universal conformity rule the day.

In an effort to continue to move forward and best-serve the coaches that use our services, in 2024 we wil be uploading our results to within 24 hours (varsity races only). Note that we do provide a link to upload any race quickly to should someone want JV and Junior High Races there as well. Look for live uploading to in the future.

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