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Nordic Ski Newsletter 2023

The Mission of GSE Timing

To Enhance The Experience Of Athletes, Coaches, And Families Via Technology-Driven Results Services.

Welcome to our Winter 2023 Nordic Ski Newsletter

We at GSE have been hard at work during the off-season to take our "game" up a notch or three. Take a look below at some of the things we have been working on between cross-country meets.

Smiling Gopher

Team Results...

... updated on the fly. This season, along with updating individual finishers every 30 seconds or so, we will also be updating team scores. In races involving laps, you should also see lap times with team scores throughout the event as well.

Finish Line Pix

We will once again be posting finish line pictures as long as there seems to be interest. We take the pix as a back-up to our RFID system and, since we have them, we might as well make them available. $2 download fee and, believe me, we are not getting rich off of it. Just a service we provide for those who are interested.

Website Upgrades

You no longer need to enter a "role" when logging in to our site. Soon, your login will not time out after 20 minutes as it has in the past.

Roster Upload

Send us your roster and we will upload it for you. It will not duplicate existing entries UNLESS THEY ARE SPELLED DIFFERENTLY (ie: Bob and Robert). Just send us first name, last name, gender, and grade IN A SPREADSHEET (note: NOT a pdf of a spreadsheet) and we will get them in there for you.

Which Site?

Use gTRaXC for race day results and for allowing kids, parents, and anyone they list as followers to get results notifications in near-live fashion via email or text message.

Use GSE Timing for more comprehensive results displays.

gTRaXC also allows parents to create an account so that they can follow their kids' performances even if their son or daughter does not create an account.

Entries & Deadline

Make sure you assign your kids to races and assign them bibs. The start list will send kids out in order of bib number unless you assign a start order yourself.

Please have your line-up set by 9:00 PM the day before the meet. As soon as all are in, I will calculate the start list and send out our pre-race email.

We are doing three or four conferences this year so we would really appreciate it if you would respect this deadline. We all make mistakes and miss deadlines and we understand that working with kids/parents can be a challenge. JNust do your best and, if you find you are having trouble with the deadline, please revisit your process.

Results Emails...

...Gone! Instead, our race day results page will list all finishers for each school as they finish so you can quickly check to make sure that we got a read on all of your kids.

Line-Up Changes

We have made things easier on our end for adding/swapping athletes. We used to hate bib swaps, and would still like to avoid it, but it now works better for us so we (I) will be less cranky when it happens.

If possible, just send us a text of your changes. Include all pertinent info: school, gender, new race, new start time, and new bib (if needed). Or come to the trailer. Which ever is easier for you. Please make changes earlier rather than later.

Better Results View

We've always had some of the best results displays in the industry and we still do. But our race day display was a little bland. Not so now. Separate tabs for individual, team, splits, laps, and relays as needed ...with team scores compiled on the fly for laps, splits, and relays..

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