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Cross-Country Newsletter-Summer 2023

Welcome to our Summer 2023 Cross-Country Newsletter

We at GSE have been hard at work during the off-season to take our "game" up a notch or three. Take a look below at some of the things we have been working on between road races.

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Live V/JV Assgnmt

For meets that run the varsity and jv together, our silly approach to putting everyone in jv and then moving the top 7 to varsity is over. In 2023 they will be moved to the correct race as they finish.

Family Portal

We have finally worked the kinks out of our gTRaXC service, allowing kids and anyone they list as followers to get their results in near-live fashion via email or text message.

gTRaXC also allows parents to create an account so that they can follow their kids' performances even if their son or daughter does not create an account.

Easier Line-Up Entry

Just click the ahtletes' names and they are highlighted. Easy to see who is entered.

Change your mind? Unclick them and they change back to no highlight.

Quicker Results

Results online in less than 20 seconds...including team results... updated as kids finish. It's not live but it's close!

Better Splits

We've had splits for some time now, but in 2023 they will go online in near live fashion with team scores compiled on the fly.

Better Results View

We've always had some of the best results displays in the industry and we still do. But our race day display was a little bland. Not so now. Separate tabs for individual, team, splits, laps, and relays as needed ...with team scores compiled on the fly for laps, splits, and relays..

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